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Grammy Eggs

Egg vs Egg

My grandmother has chickens and they live a fabulous Disney-esq life full of table scraps, grain, and white bread complete with a fancy chicken coop and a big grassy area to run around in. In general these chickens probably have a quality of life similar to your pet cat.

If you spend the night at my grandmother’s house you are woken up by the crowing of a large rooster. Sometimes the brave little chickens get out of their pen and run around the neighborhood. Now that’s what I call “free range.” Gram keeps in her neighbors good graces by making them incredible batches of peanut butter fudge and by also bestowing upon them dozens of amazing eggs that her pampered chickens lay.

Organic Grudge Match

When I go home to Maine I always request eggs to take back with me. They are fabulous beyond belief. Case in point: they are almost twice the size of normal extra-large organic eggs that you buy in the grocery store. The yolks are a bright orange color as opposed to the much paler yellow that you see above. In fact the yolks are so orange that everyone in my family has learned not to use them in white foods as we’ve all ended up with bright orange lasagna and funky colored cakes due to Gram’s delicious (but neon) eggs. In general I treat these eggs like culinary diamonds. They are reserved for weekend omelets and fluffy scrambles on lazy Sunday mornings. We’ll seriously get into a fight if you try to use one of these to make anything as mundane as a boxed corn muffin mix. I’m not kidding!