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Festive Images from the Great Dickens Christmas Fair

A few weeks ago a google ad (of all things) appeared on the sidebar of a blog advertising something called “The Great Dickens Christmas Fair.” It caught my eye and I instantly thought that it sounded like something I would really enjoy. So I clicked on it. I rarely click on ads so when the webpage opened and I learned that it was an event that took place in San Francisco I literally squealed in delight and bounded into the bedroom to wake-up CK and tell him all about it. Needless to say tickets were purchased and an excursion was immediately planned.

CK and I set out for the fair Saturday morning and knew we were heading in the right direction as soon as ladies dressed in elaborate hoop skirts started boarding BART. A complimentary shuttle zipped attendees from Glen Park Station to Cow Palace. Upon arrival I was extremely glad that I had ordered my tickets online as we got to skip the long line and go right into the event.

Inside was seriously a sight to behold. Somehow a generic exhibition hall had been transformed into something lovely and picturesque. I couldn’t wait to explore the 120,000 square feet of Christmas pageantry and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

There was ample opportunity to drink sparkly cocktails and eat seasonal delights (including properly roasted chestnuts) and seriously scrumptious piping hot plates of bangers and mash.

The period costumes and the people who held entire conversations without breaking character were such lavish fun to experience and simply watch. It felt as though I were in a life-sized storybook and by the end of the day I seriously wished that I was sporting a corset and an elaborate up-do full of curls and ribbons. Maybe next year?

Unfortunately the last day of this event for the year was Sunday but if you live in the area or have plans to be here next year I would definitely recommend penciling the Dickens Fair in on your calendar. Being able to spend a few hours in a living breathing Christmas card was the perfect way to thoroughly get into a holiday mood, especially when CK and I are so far away from home this year.

If you’d like to see the rest of the images from our excursion click here to view my Flickr set.