Pink Things, San Francisco

Crown & Crumpet Tea Room With Lilly J

Shortly after I announced our move to San Francisco I learned that my fabulous friend Lilly would be in town for a wedding the week after I arrived. Thank God for Lilly guys because she got me off the crazy train and back into sanity. It was so incredibly fantastic to see a familiar face and Lilly isn’t only a good time, she also has an encyclopedic amount of knowledge of all things San Franciscan that I ate up with a knife and spoon.

Lilly dragged my unsure and tentative behind all over the place from Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf and then up some very very very steep hills. We even grabbed a glass of bubbly at The Top of the Mark where I was greeted with spectacular panoramic views of the city. If there’s anything that can wipe away any twinges of home sickness it’s a gorgeous view on a crisp sunny day.

But the best part of our outing was when we stumbled upon Crown and Crumpet in Ghirardelli Square. It was pink, pink, and pink. They served tea, Rosé, and Kir Royales! We were so there. Sitting on their terrace overlooking the water we both commented on the fact that it felt like we were in a romantic comedy. I swear Amy Adams and Mindy Kaling were going to drop by our table at any second to gossip about Mark Ruffalo.

The view here was also breathtaking and somewhere down the street a man was playing the saxophone. I kid you not — we had our very own soundtrack. It was beyond brilliant and this brilliance was punctuated by the fact that Lilly had purchased a very fierce fascninator only moments before we discovered our pretty pink heaven. To quote Annie — I think I’m gonna like it here.