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Kitchen Little in Mystic, CT

On Monday morning I awoke to the official end of summer curled up in a cozy twin bed in CK’s grandparent’s house in Niantic, Connecticut. The air in the bedroom was crisp and cool and I was starving. A hearty breakfast immediately became my number one priority of the day. So like any good iPhone user I opened up the Yelp app to see what my possibilities were. In the end no analysis was really necessary. Boasting four and a half stars with forty-nine reviews under her belt, Kitchen Little in Mystic was the hands down winner. Now I just had to wait for CK to wake up so we could go.

Eventually we finally managed to get ourselves put together and as my stomach growled I wondered if there would be a long wait for a table. Thankfully we lucked out on a number of fronts. As soon as we pulled into the driveway of the restaurant another car was leaving so we managed to get a spot in their small lot. In addition, we were seated immediately in the dining room. Normally I would have held out for a spot on the deck overlooking the water but breakfast was seriously calling my name. Shortly after we sat down the population of patrons doubled so it appeared that we arrived at the perfect time.

With the scent of coffee and bacon permeating the air of the rustic space I eagerly perused the menu. I had some difficulty deciding whether I wanted to try the gingerbread pancakes special, spicy jalapeno cheese scramble with corned beef hash, or the Portuguese Benedict. In the end, CK ordered the scramble and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Portuguese Benedict. This dish was composed of two poached eggs nestled atop two spicy hot chourico patties smothered in an amazing spicy Hollandaise Sauce and served on a sweet Portuguese English Muffin.

It was drop dead delicious! I practically licked my plate clean. It was so satisfying to have a restaurant live up to it’s online reputation and I heartily recommend that you add Kitchen Little to your “to visit” list. Keep in mind that they only accept cash and checks so a timely stop at the ATM would be in your best interest while you’re driving to breakfast nirvana.