San Francisco


CK and I have been in San Francisco for a little more than one month now. It took over three weeks for our belongings to arrive from our moving company and I’m proud to report as of tonight I’m down to less then a dozen boxes. I love having my kitchen equipment back even if I do have to use an electric stove now. While we were waiting and waiting for our possessions to arrive though we both seriously began to OD on take-out. There is really only so much sushi, curry, and pizza a girl can take and after eating in that horrible manner for more than a week I felt like hell and was really fed up.

Then I remembered a service I read about shortly before we left Boston. It was called Munchery and the premise intrigued me very much. Munchery is a new food delivery start-up in the Bay Area allowing professional chefs to connect with hungry users and sell their delicious meals online. You can pick your dinner from a variety of dietary and specialized cuisines ranging from vegetarian and vegan to Paella and meat and potatoes. If that isn’t cool enough the chefs also use locally grown, sustainable, and in-season ingredients in your dinner.

Prices for entries range from $15-$26 but this price includes delivery and tip so frankly it’s a total bargain. The first meal I ordered from Munchery was a “Trip to Morocco” prepared by Chef Hayden McComas. I’ve never been so grateful to have a real meal as I was that night. The polenta, lamb, and couscous were fantastic! I didn’t have our proper camera at the time so my photos were snapped on CK’s iPhone, and they really don’t do the meal justice, but trust me when I tell you it was a generous portion and perfectly yummy. We both practically licked our respective plates clean.

The online interface for ordering on Munchery is very intuitive and allows you to purchase meals quickly. Some meals and chefs require advance notice of at least 24 hours while others can be ordered same day. Currently delivery is only available Monday – Friday. Entertainingly enough one of the company’s founders, Tri Tran, actually delivered our orders. Talk about service! How cool is that?!

The other thing I love about Munchery is that each afternoon I receive an email letting me know what last minute meals are available for delivery that evening. Generally these are slightly discounted and the timing of the notes really appeal to my inner impulse shopper. I honestly get equally excited about this daily email as I do when notices from Rue La La appear in my inbox. Which is exactly how I ended up with another tasty dinner of Slow Roasted Italian Pork made by Alison Mountford at the beginning of the month.

I realize that the majority of my readers are on the East Coast but I hope you’ll consider sharing this post with your Bay Area friends and family. I think that Munchery is a very unique premise and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I’ve had with their service so far. Definitely give them a try if you have the opportunity!