Resturants, San Francisco

Erin Eats at In-N-Out Burger. Finally!

In the spirit of “it didn’t happen unless there are pictures” I present to you my very first In-N-Out meal. Does this mean I’ve officially been inducted into West Coast life?

I didn’t go wild and order anything custom this time so my burger was just a straight-up menu item, although I did add pickles and onions and asked them to leave off the lettuce. I hate lettuce on hamburgers. Actually, I pretty much just hate iceberg lettuce all the time but that’s a story for another day.

Now I’ve heard people rave about In-N-Out for years. My usual response was to roll my eyes with intense skepticism while wondering incredulously if they had lost their taste buds in a freak pizza burn incident. How could a fast food burger actually be THAT good?

Well I’ve changed my tune. They truly are scrumptious! Super soft bun, fresh tomato, crunchy onions, and a yummy sauce all combined to make me utter a chorus of “mmm” and “I love this!” the entire time I was eating. And don’t even get me started on the french fries as they are truly hand-cut happiness.

Now back to those “secret” menu items — what do you guys recommend? Is Animal Style going to rock my world? Should I ask for the onion grilled? Well done fries? Do tell!