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Smalls and Mr. Big Together at Last

I have to admit it feels very odd posting random pictures and just chatting away here these last few days. Usually my posts are planned out and the food is styled and the recipe is painstakingly typed and I drag 500 or so words out of my head that frankly usually bore me so I’m certain they bore you as well. You know what…it’s actually kind of liberating. This is actually how we used to blog back in the day before everything got covered in ribbon, burlap, and post processed to death in photoshop. Whee! So, the following is an array of untouched photos from my afternoon of continued party prep.

I had to pick up CK’s ice cream cake at Rancatore’s and while I was waiting in line I snapped this image of Mr. Big and Smalls. How much do you love this? Sex and the City meets The Sandlot — finally!

Then I chopped and mixed and whipped up a batch of these tiny buttermilk biscuits with chives. They’re going to be served with slices of ham and bright red pepper jelly. Yum!

In order to make sure I had enough plates, platters, bowls, and baskets I lined up everything on the dining room table to create a dry run of how I want things arranged tonight. It looks really messy. Hopefully it will be more appealing once everything is actually set-up.

Finally, I prepped the bar area. Originally I was going to set this up on the actual breakfast bar between the kitchen and dining room but I figured that might be bit too risky, especially after all of the carpet problems we had this week so the kitchen counter seemed like a safer bet. And now I have to go do my hair and make-up and finish making a dozen or so of these apple candles.