That Darn Cat: Dexter Strikes Again

Well…Dexter has done it again. Tonight I came home to find one of my favorite little knickknacks shattered. This pretty glass dutch oven happened to be part of a set of Christmas ornaments that my lovely friend Carrie sent to me way back in 2008. Each time I’ve moved between then and now (4 exhausting times and twice across the country) I carefully wrapped those pieces and happily rehung them on my baking rack in celebration of my kitchen being fully unpacked.

Last week when we had all of the Sandy related flooding issues in the kitchen and dining room those shelves were cleared of cookbooks, liquor, and Le Creuset and moved to accommodate the workers who were fixing our carpet. Unfortunately, when I rearranged these items on Friday Dexter started to suddenly take an interest in that particular piece of furniture and began trying to scale it. It looks like he succeeded today and my ornament ended up kitty collateral damage. I wonder if I need to consider having the rack bolted to the wall now? I’d really hate to come home to dozens of broken wine bottles due to feline fearlessness. Thoughts?  Poor little ornament.