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The Bodega Party in a Box

Bodega in a Box

The brilliant Bodega Party in a Box kit arrived today. The Neighbors Project seriously out did themselves in the categories of overall functionality and cuteness. I am so excited to have a Bodega Party, especially when there’s one literally steps from our apartment. Honestly, the first time I went inside our neighborhood bodega I was floored by the variety of items they offered, everything from fresh veggies and fruits to deli meats, beer and wine. Emphasis on the beer and wine, because as anyone whose spent any time in Massachusetts knows, it’s rare for even fully functioning grocery stores to carry liquor.

Bodega Party in a Box Kit

The kit comes neatly packaged in a produce bag and includes: invitations, a shopping bag, cookbook, and funky flag party decorations. Rachel, from the blog Coconut and Lime, even has a pasta recipe featured in the collection. You can order your kit directly from The Neighbors Project for $35. Proceeds from the sales of this product go to the Food and Liquor Project, which encourages people to buy from local corner, bodega, and liquor stores.

So who’s coming to my party and what are we going to make?!