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The Bookstore Bar

Me @ The Bookstore Bar

On the way back to our hotel from Bainbridge Island, CK and I stopped by The Bookstore Bar located next door to the Alexis Hotel (Note to Self: next time we’re totally staying there). Honestly I’d had this spot on my radar since we began planning our trip to Seattle, and I eyed it for several days before stopping in since it was conveniently on our “quest for lattes” route each morning. Once inside I thoroughly enjoyed pulling random books down from the fully stocked shelves surrounding our cozy table and checking out their contents. They even had a copy of Judith Krantz’s Scruples which made me laugh out loud since it automatically opened to a racy bedroom scene — as one would expect. All of the books on the shelves are actually for sale. I wish I had realized that at the time as I probably would have taken home that saucy novel for posterity’s sake. We only stayed at the bar for a short while, long enough for one beer, but The Bookstore Bar is definitely going onto my “to do again” list for our next west coast excursion.