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Pike Place Market: Hello! I’m a Monk Fish!

Monk Fish

How would you like to wake up next to that ugly thing? I think Monk Fish are seriously the stuff nightmares are made of. CK and I came across this “charming” specimen at the famed Pike Place Fish Market. You know, the one where they toss the fish around. Also, If I remember correctly, David from the Real World Seattle worked there while they were taping the show. Anyway, you couldn’t pay me to eat that. When they had the Monk Fish competition on Top Chef and they made nuggets and fish sticks for the kids I almost crawled out of my skin. In case you didn’t already know this I’m not a huge fish fan. There are only a few select fish that I’ll eat and most of then have to be raw and rolled in sushi rice. It’s my last great childhood food hang-up holdout. Think I’m bad? Ask CK about his ridiculous aversion to olives.