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The Harvard Square Mayfair

Harvard Square Mayfair Crowds

CK and I just dragged ourselves home from the annual brouhaha that is the Harvard Square Mayfair. Along with our good friend Anna, we essentially ate our way through block after block of tempting festive food vendors. Everywhere you looked there was something edible: sausage, french fries, kettle corn, ice cream, burgers, pakoras, and even fried plantains. It was a regular carnival of binge eating. Hooray!

Tory Row Harvard Square

Thankfully soon after we arrived we actually made a rather sensible decision to have a calm sit down meal at a new restaurant that recently opened in the square called Tory Row. Our food was great! Exactly what we needed. I had a veggie filled chicken pot pie, CK sampled their tomato, basil, parmesen flatbread, and Anna declared her grilled chicken sandwich a keeper. I also was really taken with the very modern atmosphere. Lots of grey and chrome which I always find appealing. If you have a chance to stop in I definitely recommend it.

Harvard Square Mayfair: Plantains

Then it was off to find junk food! Our first stop was supposed to be a fudge vendor that Anna and I fondly remembered from last year’s fair, but we were soon sidelined when Anna and CK both stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of a bubbling cauldron of fried plantains. So into line we went and Anna and CK had a long conversation about their love of Coco Rico and the relative merits of Cola Champagne as well as their mutual hatred of Malta. I just love it when my two favorite people start geeking out about their shared Puerto Rican Heritage.

Harvard Square Mayfair Fried Dough

Once the sweet and crispy plantains were safely in our bellies our next stop on the calorie train was the fried dough man. Now I can’t recall the last time I had fried dough but it was probably 3000 years ago and I suspect that I was sporting crimped hair and hot pink sneakers. That piece of fried dough tasted like nectar of the gods. Warm and golden brown, I eagerly and quite happily munched my way through the whole cinnamon and sugared piece.

My Pretties from Tis Tik

But the fudge lady was still MIA. While we Nancy Drewed our way through the crowds I managed to win a free dinner at Wagamama (Yasai Katsu Curry here I come) and I also found a gorgeous pink ring and these colorful freshwater pearl earrings in a little store on Church Street called Tis·tiK. And then we found her. The fudge lady! Right now I have four pieces of delectable fudge sitting on my dining room table, but I’m just so completely full that I can’t even look at them. But very soon I’m going to take a little nibble. Which should I try first: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint Swirl, Cookie Dough, or Maple Walnut? It’s just too hard to decide. I’m so glad I ran this morning…Hopefully I’ll see some of you at next year’s Mayfair!

Harvard Square Mayfair Fudge