The Office: Dinner Party

I love throwing dinner parties! In fact, next weekend, I’m having a special “unveiling” party for the Limoncello we’ve been making. I have no idea what to make to complement all of that lemony goodness but I’ll figure it out. Thankfully my parties don’t involve the intensely brutal awkwardness that last night’s fabulous episode of The Office berated us with. It’s been so long since seeing a new episode that I think my body and mind forgot how completely uncomfortable it can be to watch. I squirmed and squeeled and covered my eyes in mortification throughout the entire 30 minutes. But I loved every last second of it! What did you guys think? I loved the last scene when Angela smashed her ice cream all over the side of Andy’s car, and of course the fact that Jan made Osso Buco which had to be braised for 3 hours! Ahhh! The torture! It was classic.