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The Ski Country Cookbook

The Ski Country CookbookI finally gave in and began to wear my winter coat. I didn’t want to, but after freezing on my morning walk to the T every day I decided it was time to admit defeat. As the cold weather begins to overtake the northeast my time outside drastically reduces, and I can usually be found curled up in a chair watching a movie or reading a good book. When the temps dip below zero, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a fabulous hearty meal on a chilly winter evening. If you’re looking for new recipes that fit into this category then The Ski Country Cookbook by Barbara Scott-Goodman could become your go-to manual.

Images of majestic mountains and powdery slopes are interspersed amongst luscious plates of stick-to-your-ribs dishes. Stews, pastas, chili, and breads — they’re compiled here in all their high carb glory.  Just the way I like it! When the snow starts to fall, and we all know that it will eventually, I think you’ll definitely want to set down a platter of red wine-braised short ribs on your dining room table. Or maybe you’d rather whip up a batch of warm cheddar and chive biscuits for some unexpected house guests? Personally, I’m looking forward to writing my Christmas list in the company of a big bowl of lemon-scented olives.

Whether you live in Boston or Austin, I don’t think you’ll be hard pressed to find a crowd of friends who could possibly pass up the chance to share in these essential comfort foods. Barbara Scott-Goodman also spearheaded another gorgeous cookbook you may already be familiar with called The Beach House Cookbook.