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The Wicked Whoopies Store

Banana and Strawberry Whoopie Pies

I’ve mentioned it before, but when I go home to Maine there are two things I have to eat while I’m there and they have absolutely nothing to do with lobster or blueberries. I always make a point to have an Italian Sandwich from Sam’s Italian Sandwich Shop, and I also have to have a whoopie pie. So last weekend when I met my family for lunch in Freeport I did just that.


I’ve been living in Massachusetts now for almost three years so there are lots of new stores and construction popping up in my favorite outlet shopping destination, but this summer something decadent opened up on Main Street: a retail Wicked Whoopies store. Please commence drooling now. This cozy shop is tucked around the corner from the Bath and Body store and offers up a sinful assortment of unique whoopie pie flavors ranging from peanut butter, to gingerbread, and everything in between. After a long deliberation I decided to take home a red velvet treat, and CK and I split a mini original whoopie dipped in chocolate which is adorably refered to as a “Whoop-de-Doo.”

Jumbo Whoopie Pie

The most outrageous item that they offer is a 72 ounce whoppie pie that is literally the size of a dinner plate and feeds 9-12 hungry people. Stick a few well placed candles in that monstrosity and I’d say you have a terrific birthday cake ready to serve. Fortunately you don’t have to drive all the way to Maine to sample one of these amazing desserts. They’ll happily ship them to you at a very reasonable price.

Jumbo Whoopie Pie