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Watson: Espresso Fiend

Last night I tried to be proactive and make a batch of homemade marshmallows for Aunt Kara’s Thanksgiving Ambrosia. Right from the start I had an ominous feeling and I essentially knew I was completely screwed when all of the fluff clustered around the mixer’s whip in a gigantic whirling semi-solid ball. Oops…

Tonight, when I finally worked up the courage to take a peek at the pan of marshmallows, I was greeted with a slab of what amounted to chewy white unflavored taffy. Awesome, right?! CK could see that I was teetering on the brink of a holiday meltdown so he very kindly made me an eggnog latte, and that’s when all the excitement began. As we sat in the living room, relaxing with our scrumptious hot drinks, Watson jumped on the kitchen counter (I know…I know…bad cat!) and then proceeded to rub his head on and lick the espresso machine over and over again. Did I miss the memo where cats love coffee? Instead of shooing him away I of course had to take a video. You can see Watson in all his OCD glory above.

As an aside, rest assured that the espresso machine will be thoroughly wiped down before anyone is served from it again. Not that it will matter much as I fear we’ve created a little caffeine creature.

In case you were wondering, batch two of “mission marshmallow” was a success.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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