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Years in the Making of the Yule Log

God Bless Us Every One...And Cake Flour Too

On Christmas Eve Eve my mother and I made a number of desserts including a Chocolate Yule Log.  I’ve wanted to make a Yule Log ever since I was a little girl and I saw one on a holiday episode of the NBC show Sisters.  For those of you who were fans that was the episode where everyone gets food poisoning from drinking Georgie’s homemade eggnog, Frankie punches out Mitch, and Teddy wanders around in the snowy backyard talking to Charles Dickens’s ghost.  To each their own I suppose.  Anyway, 10 years later my mom and I finally got around to whipping one up.  It was an utterly harrowing experience culminating in my mother being covered from head to toe in cocoa powder and me forgetting to add in all of the cake flour.  It seems that too many cooks in the kitchen and too much “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” yields a less than ideal baking environment, but by some miracle the cake came out and was actually quite good. Obviously flour and measuring are seriously overrated.