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The Wacky Antique Kitchen Gadget Revealed

I'm an Antique Ice Cream Scoop

You guys had some seriously creative guesses as to the identity of the mystery item I posted about on Monday. They ran the gamut from candle snuffer to tea strainer. The winner of the random drawing, Evelyn, ventured a guess that the object in question was a flour sifter. She unfortunately wasn’t correct, but she’s still going to receive a copy of the 1959 edition of Betty Crocker’s Guide to Easy Entertaining.

Dear readers…the actual identity of the antique kitchen gadget is an ice cream scoop. Several of you completely blew my mind and are obviously geniuses of sorts. In fact, Marisa got it right away. My grandmother and Billie Gammon would have been proud of you! Personally, I failed miserably by repeatedly insisting that it had be some sort of gravy strainer so those of you who didn’t hit this one out of the ball park are in good company. Thank you for playing along with me! I’ll have to see if my gram can dig up another funky toy for a post later in the year.