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Turkey Hill Junior Mint Ice Cream

Junior Mint Ice Cream

You know how Carrie Bradshaw is all “hello lover” when it comes to Manolo Blahniks? Well that’s what I said when I saw this Turkey Hill Junior Mint ice cream today in the freezer section of the Porter Square Shaws. I literally stopped in the middle of the aisle and did a double take. Then I gleefully pulled it from the frosty depths of the deep freeze and gently placed it in my cart in the little seat part that is generally reserved for children, fragile produce, or eggs.

Junior Mints are my all-time favorite candy. They’re my go-to movie theater food. If a cinema doesn’t stock Junior Mints then honestly they simply aren’t worthy of my patronage. A little popcorn, some diet coke, and a Junior Mint now and again definitely enhances the movie going experience. What are your movie theater must haves? CK always gets gummy things like sour patch kids and gummy stars. It completely grosses me out.

By the way, the ice cream is delicious. The Junior Mints are even soft and chewy. You’d think they would be rock hard little balls of frozen gunk but via some magic voodoo they aren’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole minty ice cream, candy dotted, fudge swirled action it has going on. That small dish was seriously the perfect way to end a simply gorgeous Friday afternoon.