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Go Green with Beaujolais Nouveau

Go Green with Beaujolais NouveauCK picked up our annual supply of Beaujolais Nouveau last night at Best Cellars. I was a little taken aback when I pulled the bottles out of the bag and discovered that they were made of plastic. I’ll confess, my inner wine snob initially reared her ugly head, and at first I wondered if CK had experienced some sort of break with reality.

What was he thinking?! Four bottles of plastic, screw-top wine; they couldn’t possibly be any good? Not to mention the fact that I would have to “suffer the indignity” of bringing wine in plastic bottles to his huge family Thanksgiving extravaganza – the horror! My rational self is more than aware that plastic bottles and screw-tops don’t necessarily mean that a wine is poor quality, but it still bothers me a bit, especially when using it to entertain.

Thankfully a tag on the Labouré-Roi wine explained that the company was attempting to reduce their carbon footprint during transportation by using lighter weight plastic packaging. In addition, every bottle purchased will result in a tree being planted in Mali, Africa. Plus, the wine was delicious. Could this scenario have possibly ended any better?!

Not that I usually need any sort of excuse, but obviously I have to drink as much Beaujolais Nouveau this year as possible since it helps the environment. Drink red and go green! How holiday apropos. [Note: CK was not harmed in the preparation of this post. Thankfully, all of my neurotic thought process surrounding the wine took place in my head].