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Bitchy at Best Cellars

Snoochie Boochies!Wednesday night I met Chris after work for some Thai food and afterwards we stopped by Best Cellars to do a little impromptu wine shopping. Now, I’ve always been a big fan of Best Cellars. Previously I’d perceived the store as having a very Gary Vaynerchuk vibe and always thought of it as an approachable and unpretentious place to find and try new wines. Except this time. I innocently inquired of the salesperson if they happened to have any Beaujolais Nouveau leftover from November and was greeted with a seriously disdainful tone and informed that it was out of season. Um…Ok. Excuse me for living. You’d think I’d asked for a glass of Merlot from Paul Giamatti’s character “Miles” in Sideways. After being put in my place I sulked off to the corner, picked out my wines and left.

Well tonight I opened one of the bottles I’d purchased (yes, mostly because it had a pretty label) and it was so delicious that I think I can finally stop being annoyed at my bitchy clerk. Be warned wine snobs — it has a screw top, but it can’t hurt you to try it at least once. So make sure to add Kiss Chasey to your wine journals. Dear Best Cellars, I forgive you — this time.

PS: If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you can now add to your home screen and a pretty pretty icon will appear. Yay!