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An Early Start to Christmas

We successfully ate our way through Thanksgiving weekend although the way I feel tonight does not bode well for the dictionary definition of “successful” — to be more accurate I suppose you would probably need to say that we are stuffed to the gills and ready to be sold at auction to a portly couple sporting aprons and other Dickensian garb.

Also, although I have a strict one, possibly two, new ornaments a year rule somehow I ended up purchasing two additional items to hang on the tree. A pink popsicle which I suppose is warranted considering that I did publish a boozy popsicle book this year, but I think you would be hard pressed to figure out how to justify a frothy pink cupcake and how it relates to 2012. Those marshmallows in varying levels of toasted deliciousness are ridiculously cute though. I don’t regret them at all.

This afternoon CK and I took a ride across “the bridge” into Boston to show visiting family around a little bit. If you aren’t from here then you probably don’t know this but people who live in Boston and people who live on the other side of the Charles River (for example in Cambridge) don’t really find it necessary to visit the “other side” if you don’t absolutely need to. That means I can’t remember the last time I saw things like the GIGANTIC Christmas trees in Faneuil Hall. It’s pretty silly that we rarely check out so many of these cute events or sites just because we live in the area. I should make more of an effort. Christmas time in the city really is lovely.

Meanwhile, back at home, I’ve somehow managed to put up our much more modest Christmas tree before December 1st thanks to the lovely folks at Wilson Farm who make it impossible to not want to go home with one of their supremely fragrant trees.

And now I’m sitting here with a cuddly cat in the dark enjoying the aforementioned tree thoroughly while watching The March Girls at Christmas and hoping that maybe, just this once, Jo March could marry Laurie. It doesn’t seem as though that will happen though as even in this modern day retelling, where Jo is a celebrity ghost tweeter, (I kid you not) there is a very nice Mr. Bhaer who is an editor that has his eyes on Jo and her novel. We’ll see though…