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Erin Cooks the Internet: February 27, 2008

Do You Want Fries With That Shake?Boston Menu Pages linked to a blog post and video made by this local guy, Andy. Andy took a trip over to the Fenway McDonalds, ordered a Big Mac, and then proceeded to eat the whole burger in one disgusting bite. His friend graciously documented the gluttonous event. Apparently this is Andy’s opening act for a series of “food feats” he’ll be posting in a new blog entitled, Andy Eats. He’s taking requests. So think up something ridiculous and dare him to comply.

Rachel has gotten her hands on one of those AeroGarden kits and is documenting the growing process at her blog, Food Maven. My mother and I are obsessed with this infomercial so I’m really looking forward to seeing what sort of real life results occur. Is it possible to really turn your kitchen counter into an herb garden and a cherry tomato farm? We’ll see.

Converse has designed a new Chuck Taylor All Star shoe called “The Diner.” For $46.99 you can have your very own pair imprinted with the black and white text of a nostalgic 1950’s greasy spoon-inspired menu.

Josh from Newlywed in Dubai details his experience having High Tea at the Burj al-Arab.

Don’t forget that Paul Pape is selling those adorable and delicious Mii Chocolates again. Give the guy a chance. My Mii’s arrived with lightening efficiency and in perfect shape.

Top 5 Recipes I’m Dying to Try this Week (If food didn’t have calories etc…)

Chuck’s Tofu Chocolate Chip Cookies at Sunday Nite Dinner
Amy’s Pushing Daisies inspired Apple Cup Pies at Eggs On Sunday
Gena’s Maple White Chocolate Fudge at Big City, Little Kitchen
Lindsay’s Golden Brioche at Love and Olive Oil
M&M and Padma’s Wonton Soup at The Secret Life of College Foodies