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Erin Cooks the Internet: March 24, 2008

Foodie Baby!
Friends with babies and babies on the way, look out! I’ll make Foodies of your little lads and lasses yet. Or at least just brand them as such. The Fig Leaf Baby Connoisseur Collection features an array of simple onesies embroidered with cute monikers like “Foodie,” “Ripe,” and “Fresh Squeezed.” Is there anything that you can put on a baby that doesn’t inevitably look completely adorable?

For Christmas CK bought me a Whirley Pop. If that’s not the ultimate in kitsch gifts I don’t know what is. Strangely enough though, the ridiculous looking thing makes really excellent popcorn. This good opinion is seconded by Robin at Big Red Kitchen. In fact, Robin even gave me some tips about how to get the elusive Whirly Pop Kettle Corn not to burn. I’m really not kidding about this pot. You’ll never buy microwave popcorn again.

Laura had a very expensive snack at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant after work and handles the reality that she’s been charged $16 for a single glass of wine quite well.

Heat, Eat, and Review tackles the new Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Honey Uncrustables. I know I’m not supposed to like things like this, but I have fond memories of the Grape Jelly and Peanut Butter Uncrustable that I sampled in a grocery store once. Although, this could also just be my new constant craving for white bread talking.

My friend Erin is in the initial planning stages of plotting out a spot in her community garden. I’m hoping to grow something a little more challenging myself this year. Really. I mean it.

Top 5 Recipes I’m Dying to Try this Week

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