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Review: TCHO – Beta Testing Chocolate

Beta Chocolate

Blake Makes recently gave away free samples of a new type of chocolate. This chocolate is crafted by a company called TCHO. TCHO bills themselves as a “startup premium chocolate manufacturing and sales company.” Their website has a very young and high tech appeal to it and they come off sounding very much like the Gary Vaynechuk of chocolate. I appreciate the enthusiasm. I guess the founders better get themselves a Twitter account and join the color wars.

The chocolate that I tried is described as being in a “Beta” stage. This means that they’re still working on the recipe and are hoping for some constructive feedback from people who have tried the current batch. When I ate the chocolate I felt like it had a really great texture, but it was just a tad too bitter for me. That didn’t exactly stop me from eating it though. It was gone before the first commercial break of New Amsterdam. Don’t raise your eyebrows! It’s a good show and I worked out first. Anyway, I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies all week and I think the TCHO chocolate would be great chopped up and used in the batter. So if anyone (hint hint) wants to send me any more chocolate I’d be happy to test that theory.