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Erin Cooks The Internet: September 24, 2007

Taste it or Else!If Amazon is correct than It looks like Ellie Krieger has a cover for her new cookbook, The Food You Crave. I think Ellie is probably the only person who can pull off that bright orange cashmere, but it does blend well with the artfully arranged plate of spaghetti and meatballs she’s tempting us with. I wonder if those meatballs are the same ones I made back in January? If so, they’re pretty fabulous in a sandwich.

Whatever it takes to Get Through the DayI’m a new fan of Anthony Bourdain, only having begun watching his show on The Travel Network this past summer. However, I’ve quickly become hooked and he’s rightfully earned a place of glory in the TiVo season pass hall of fame right next to Ugly Betty and The Office. Tonight, Anthony will be featuring Tuscany as his destination of the hour and you can’t imagine how excited I am to watch. I’ve had an obsession with all things Tuscan since watching Bertolucci’s film Stealing Beauty when I was 16. I’m definitely interested to see how Anthony Bourdain attacks the Italian country side, most likely one bottle of wine at a time.

Sometimes people bake and cook the most delicious creations and it just makes me wish that there were more hours in the day and more calories to spare:

The Kitchen Wench whipped up some savoury scones that even her picky sister raved about.

Nicole at Pinch My Salt made biscuits that might possibly put my grandmother out of business.

The Newlyweds in Dubai were able to pick up some much loved American grocery items and decided to create the infamous Planet Hollywood Captain Crunch Chicken.

And Anne, The Good American Housewife, made me infinitely jealous with her tasty Ricotta Gnocchi.