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Review: GUS – Grown-Up Soda

Gus SodaCK works from home now. I’ll give you a moment to digest that. Believe me I’m jealous on a daily basis as I drag myself out the door and he happily waves goodbye from the comfort of his Herman Miller Mirra chair in the new home office (formerly our guest bedroom). His new work day does have some perks. For example I can now ask him to fetch things at Whole Foods on an almost daily basis. Last week he filled our fridge with soda pop though.

I’m very anti calories in beverages that don’t come “shaken or stirred” so I was a little annoyed at this new caloric clutter, but than I figured “what the heck” and opened a bottle. I was quite surprised to discover that it was outstanding! “Grown-Up Soda” or “Gus” as its name has affectionately been shortened to is 100% natural and not super sweet like so many other sodas and colas. In fact Gus is actually sweetened with natural cane sugar. It’s also kosher and doesn’t contain preservatives or caffeine and at only 90 – 98 calories in each 12oz. bottle you wont completely ruin those morning runs if you occasionally treat yourself. And believe me, you’re going to want to indulge.

So far I’ve fallen in love with the Ginger Ale (I may never buy Schweppes again) and CK is gaga over the Dry Cola. The Cranberry Lime is probably my second favorite choice since it tastes like a Cosmo minus the vodka. Note to self: try with booze! There are other flavors too such as Dry Pomegranate, Meyer Lemon, and Crimson Grape. Ready to sample this soda for yourself? To find out where you can buy Gus in your area please check out the Grown-Up Soda map.