Keri Russell Makes Out With Nathan Fillion and Kicks Jeremy Sisto to the Curb Pie

WaitressI was finally able to see Waitress yesterday afternoon. The film was adorable and no, not just because of Keri Russell’s hair. Nathan Fillion was his usual brutally hot and quirky self. Jeremy Sisto was appropriately terrifying and sinister, and Andy Griffin, Adrienne Shelly, and Cheryl Hines were wonderful comic relief. But honestly, the centerpiece of this movie is the ability to make you absolutely ravenously crave pie throughout the entirety of the film and then for hours after you’ve left the theater. I’m serious. Steamy scenes between Keri and Nathan were overshadowed by constant thoughts of banana cream and chocolate mousse. In fact, I’m still contemplating trying to throw something together today.

For all of the happy endings and sugary dishes, the unfortunate reality is that the director and writer, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered last fall. I had forgotten about this event so I wasn’t conscious of it during the film, but now it just makes me incredibly sad to think that this brilliant woman is no longer with us.

If you have a chance to see Waitress, you should definitely do so. I realize it isn’t playing in very many theaters anymore, but according to VideoETA.com it will be released on DVD in November. Hmm…just in time for some Thanksgiving inspiration perhaps?