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Oh, I’ll Be Back, Ingrid

Oh, I'll Be Back, IngridIngrid Hoffman’s new Food Network show, Simply Delicioso, is presented with a saucy and fresh twist that viewers will definitely find appealing. With the lush scenery of Miami as her backdrop, Ingrid’s enthusiasm and effervescent personality allows her to connect effortlessly with the audience, drawing us in with humor and a frenetic cooking pace that just skirts the edge of Rachael Ray levels.In preparation for a sailing trip with friends, Ingrid devises a spicy one pot meal of ground turkey breast, onions, peppers, and “bells and whistles” (aka flavor or spices) topped with a cornbread crust. The preparation was, true to her word, simple and the resulting Chipolte Tamale Pie emerged from the oven looking hearty and delicious.

Jello shots otherwise referred to as “Chica Lychee shots” during the episode received an Ingrid style makeover via the mixing in of rum and lychee fruit. A brief explanation of the Lychee included a reminder that this item is available fresh for only one month of the year, but assured the audience that the canned variety are readily available in their local supermarket. In addition to the shots, which served as dessert, Ingrid also made a spicy beer Michelada which included a chili powder and salt rimmed glass, lime juice, and a few dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire as a finish. I wonder if that combination will give you a four alarm hangover? Hmm…

Somehow Ingrid managed to cook all of these items in wedge heeled sandals and also came up with some tasteful decorative touches for the table (thankfully it wasn’t a full blown “tablescape” like you know who). Hoffman’s style of cooking appears to be a great addition to the Food Network lineup. I found her to be refreshing, bold, and just the right amount of quirky (closing her episode with, “Hasta La Vista, Baby!” made me laugh out loud). Whether or not my taste buds can handle her heat remains to be seen, but either way I look forward to trying many of her upcoming recipes in the future. Ingrid’s cookbook, Simply Delicicoso, will be released in February of 2008.

(Originally posted on the Well Fed Network’s blog Edible TV)