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Original Sur La Table

Sur La Table - Too Early

The flight to Seattle got in at 10:30 PM west coast time. After arriving at our hotel and admiring the view briefly we tumbled into bed and woke up at the unacceptable time of 6:30 AM. Which technically was quite a bit later as our bodies were definitely still tuned into east coast time. I eagerly pulled aside the curtains to check out the weather and was a bit taken aback by the fact that it was still pitch black outside. We weren’t in Boston anymore people…

We quickly dressed and got out of the hotel in record time. Honestly I can’t think of the last non-work day where CK and I left the house before noon. Who knew vacation could be so productive? Go us! Obviously our first order of business was a visit to Pike Place Market. The original Sur La Table store was conveniently on the way, but unfortunately it was still too early to stroll the aisles.