The Animal Crossing Kitchen

March 20, 2009 · Print This Post

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The Animal Crossing Kitchen

After several months of diligent game play and a little help from my sister Nicole, Carrie, and my cousin Amanda, I’ve finally managed to collect all of the items I needed to make an Animal Crossing: City Folk kitchen. Adorably enough the sink, microwave, stove, and blender all turn on and off, and I can’t quite get over how cute my pink-haired character looks sporting that enormous chef’s hat and matching coat.

Do you play Animal Crossing? If not you should give it a try. All-in-all it’s a sweet little distraction from the daily grind where the most distressing thing that happens is an annoying neighbor moves out (please move Astrid, please), or you catch a rogue tire in the lake. Each time my attention has started to wane from the game something new has occurred to pull me back in. Yesterday alone I met a ghost, an anteater named Antonio moved into my town, and the bulletin board next to city hall hinted that the trees would be in bloom soon. Not bad for 30 minutes of play.

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