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Black Bean Soup & Spicy Cornbread Muffins

Before I started dating CK I essentially refused to eat anything spicy. In the past I’ve honestly gone out to dinner at Mexican restaurants and only ordered margaritas and snacked on corn chips, but now I’m addicted to heat. Essentially this means I tend to double the amount of spice, which is exactly what I did with the chili powder called for in the below soup as well as the chipolte pepper in the cornbread muffins.

blackbeansoup - 01.jpg
Combine Cheese, Mix, Corn & Peppers
blackbeansoup - 02.jpg
blackbeansoup - 03.jpg
Choped Onion
blackbeansoup - 04.jpg
Sliced Bacon
blackbeansoup - 05.jpg
Minced Garlic
blackbeansoup - 06.jpg
blackbeansoup - 07.jpg
Add Stock, Spices & Tomatoes
blackbeansoup - 08.jpg
Add Beans & Boil
blackbeansoup - 09.jpg
Stir in Oodles of Cilantro
blackbeansoup - 10.jpg
blackbeansoup - 11.jpg
Fresh From the Oven
blackbeansoup - 12.jpg
blackbeansoup - 13.jpg