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Celebrity Chef Barbie

The Erin Cooks Barbie

I saw this Celebrity Chef Barbie playset at Costco yesterday and I seriously almost bought it for myself. Then I remembered that I’m actually 28 years old and not 8. So sad…

Do you suppose this doll is some sort of Sandra Lee/Giada hybrid? The platinum haired Barbie’s go-go boots totally match the faux KitchenAid and the skirt is super short, but the v-neck top is a little too conservative to truly be you-know-who. Either way it’s pretty cool. I had a Barbie Hot Dog Stand when I was little and I played with that set for years and years. I loved setting up the stand. After I lined up all of the little sodas, buns, dogs, and french fries I always made sure to overcharge Ken and Skipper. What was your favorite foodie toy?