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The Return of Watson Wednesday

Remember when Watson was a kitten and we used to have Watson Wednesday? Well…maybe it’s time for him to make a return to the land of blog? Here’s a weird cat activity for you to ponder. Watson is obsessed with coffee. We’ve talked about that before. But not only is he a latte aficionado he’s also a coffee bean connoisseur.

At the first sight of the French Press he starts to go bananas. Then when the coffee beans make an appearance the fun really begins. He starts meowing and purring and being super cute. You know why? Because this silly cat likes to eat coffee beans. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I only allow him to have one or two but I suspect if he had his way he would eat the whole bag and explode in a caffeinated shower of glitter. Below is a video of him getting up close and personal with a Starbucks bag. Silly cats…