San Francisco

Away We Go


CK and I have some very big news to share. We’re moving to San Francisco! So yes, much like our families, friends, and respective workplaces you all realize that our now infamous “patient zero” trip back in February actually had driving purpose.

Our last day in Boston will be May 17th when we’ll hop aboard a Jet Blue flight and blow this popsicle stand — an apt metaphor I believe given the absurd winter we all barely survived on the East Coast.


CK takes a more philosophical view of our relocation on his blog. I’m mostly equal parts terrified and excited beyond all comprehension. This will be the hardest single thing that either of us has ever done. We’re leaving behind our families, friends, and the New England lifestyle that we both grew-up with, but the potential for personal and professional growth in San Francisco is immense and we’ve been merely treading water here for a very long time. There is still adventure to be had and I want in.

I also sincerely hope that all of you will continue to read about these new experiences both here and on my personal blog. Especially since I don’t know a soul in San Francisco and I’ll need someone to talk to while CK plays start-up king and I job hunt yet again.


I’d also love to solicit any tips on San Francisco you’d like to share. Do you have favorite bloggers who live there? A tried and true restaurant? The in on a fantastic farmers market? Or the perfect park to picnic in – I want to hear it all!

Finally, a special shout-out to my blog bestie of 10 years. I hope there’s room for two West Coast Erin’s in this hood!