Boston / Massachusetts

Our Non-Routine

Since moving back CK and I have started to slowly work out a new New England daily routine again. This generally involves setting the alarm for 7:00 AM, then turning it off for another 30 minutes and going back to sleep instead of getting up and going to the gym. Then by the time I get ready, curl my crazy mop of hair, and attempt to put on makeup that doesn’t look like I was attacked by a gaggle of pre-teens at a slumber party it’s usually 9:00 AM. So yes, I’m that person who gets to the office at 9:30… ok…sometimes 10:00 AM. I’m a jerk. Whatever. I close that place down at night so it’s all good.

Anyway, the problem with getting to work late is that you leave late and then you eat at 9:00 PM and when you mention that fact to your grandmother she pities you during the holidays. Obviously we need to work on this “routine” as right now it borders on first year college student meets Carrie Bradshaw. Perhaps that’s something to deal with in the new year? One good thing about this timing/scheduling issue is that I often just decide  on a whim that I’m not cooking and I make CK stop at random places along our drive home for dinner. Score one for impulsivity!

Which is exactly what happened on Tuesday. A few weeks ago I noticed a little new-to-me restaurant on Mass Ave. The sign read L’Impasto and it looked incredibly cozy and intimate with couples sitting on tall bistro tables in the the windows surrounded by a soft warm glow as we drove by. A quick peek on Yelp revealed a pretty stellar (considering the location) 4 star rating. So we stopped in.

A very kind gentleman waited on us in the tiny establishment and CK and I split a homemade Burrata appetizer that knocked my socks off. In fact all of the pasta, sauces and breads on the menu were made in-house. I’m also a sucker for open concept kitchens and it doesn’t get anymore open than this place. You can practically tap the chef on the shoulder and ask him to pass the parmesan. The best part of the night though was being presented with half a loaf of their fresh raisin bread to take home with us before we left. Apparently it’s just what they do. At the time though I felt like I had just won a place in the showcase showdown on The Price is Right. How cool is that? Free bread! All-in-all I was really very impressed and hope to go back soon. Something that will be easily accomplished considering how not into cooking dinner I am lately.