Boston / Massachusetts

Davis Square Farmers Market Opening Day

As I type this it’s currently 86 horrible degrees in Boston. Yesterday was similarly unbearable for what is generally speaking a very mild time of year in New England. This sudden heat wave essentially put me over the edge and I found myself beyond irate that I had moved into a loft without central air, kitchen cupboards, or doors to keep out our daily 4:00 AM wake-up call from pesky cats. This melancholy mood carried over into this morning until I remembered that today was opening day for the Davis Square Farmers Market. Needless to say I perked up considerably. Of course the Vornado fans that CK stocked up on played a certain role in my new found happiness as well.

My boss Karen and I made a date to walk over to the market at lunchtime. It was sweltering but the mood at the market was, as expected, friendly and overly hospitable. A bright array of greens and flowers are the first items that greet you as you enter the space. I made a point of browsing each vendor’s area fully before I doubled back and began making purchases.

I simply couldn’t resist a big bag of fresh salad greens from Enterprise Farm.

Then the bread from Breadsong Corner Bakery lured me over. As an avid lover of all olives I was quickly drawn to a plump loaf of Italian Olive Bread and since CK hates olives with a passion I picked him up a generously topped Roasted Herb Focaccia. Somehow I managed to escape without stashing a dozen cookies into my shopping bag.

While I was rather enamored with the kind gentleman from Foxboro Cheese Company who allowed me to sample each of his wonderful goat cheese varieties I would have to say that my favorite purchase of the day was from Hanson’s Farm. I picked up a dozen Araucana eggs for $5. Since my grandmother stopped raising chickens it’s been much too long since I’ve had truly farm fresh eggs and I look forward to seeing if their yolk color can compare to hers.

My one disappointment during this market trip was that no one seemed to have any asparagus and that was the one item I fully intended to come home with today. Although I did learn that there’s an Asparagus Festival this weekend so perhaps that will ease my “pain” a bit?

I’m hoping to attend the market each week and I so look forward to the produce becoming more varied as our short growing season begins to take off. Hopefully it wont always be as warm as it is today. I’m not sure if Little Lord Watson can take much more.