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Rachael Ray’s Mexican Lasagna

I actually saw this recipe on Rachael Ray’s new morning talk show.  A husband and wife were pitted against one another in a competition to prepare the dish with their own unique flare.  Then they were judged by children.  The wife won (of course).  Honestly though, I can’t watch Rachael’s morning show.  Rachael is something to be enjoyed in small doses (preferably no more than 30 minutes) and only when she’s drinking decaf…Anyway, break out the Corona and enjoy the Mexican Lasagna.

mexicanlasagna - 01.jpg
Scallions & Red Onion
mexicanlasagna - 02.jpg
Shredded Cheddars
mexicanlasagna - 03.jpg
Black Beans, Drained
mexicanlasagna - 04.jpg
Chicken, Spices, & Onion
mexicanlasagna - 05.jpg
Add Tomatoes, Sauce, Beans, & Corn
mexicanlasagna - 06.jpg
Stir, Heat, & Season
mexicanlasagna - 07.jpg
Layer of Meat
mexicanlasagna - 08.jpg
Layer of Cheese
mexicanlasagna - 09.jpg
Repeat & Top with Onion
mexicanlasagna - 10.jpg
Bake @ 425 Degrees
mexicanlasagna - 11.jpg